GRUND ORGANIC PRODUCTS FEATURED IN OTC EVENTGrund America was fortunate to be a part of the pop up event hosted by the Organic Trade Commission in NYC this past weekend (May 5+6). The OTC held a pop-up event to spread light on the importance of chemical free products, from food to textiles. We proudly displayed our 100% organic bath rugs, showing patrons the true value of purchasing a product they can feel good about. We enjoyed connecting with everyone at the event. It was an enlightening experience, and an honor, to be around individuals that feel the same passion that we do when it comes to chemical free products. We want everyone to stay inspired to continue on their journey to a cleaner world. What you may not know about us: The Grund brand is a family-owned business that started hand-crafting rugs in 1990 in a small village near Prague, and has grown to be a leading brand in Europe and Asia. The Grund bath rugs weave together densely-stitched fibers through our patented manufacturing process, giving comfort and organically-made rugs from the highest quality materials. Read more more about our involvement in the OTC pop-up event in NYC.