Having fresh, high-quality towels is important not only for your bathroom’s décor, but also for your personal comfort. But once you’ve been using the same towels for a while, you might start wondering when you’ll need to replace them. It’s hard to pin point the exact life span of the average bath towel. It depends on how often they are used, laundered, and dried in between uses. If you use your towels daily -- even with frequent washings -- they take a beating. They can become threadbare overtime, which means they won't be good at getting you dry as quickly, and they won’t look nearly as nice hanging on your towel rack anymore.

 Can’t stand to say goodbye? If you want to boost the lifespan of worn-out towels, move them to the laundry room or garage to be used as rags.

So, how can you tell when the time has come to shop for replacements? It’s easy to be blind to the wear-and-tear of our most used household objects because it happens so slowly that it can be hard to take notice. Luckily, we’ve got some simple criteria that will help you decide if your towels need replacing or if you can still get some good use out of them.

 It’s time to replace your towels if either one of the following two things happens:

1.     Your towels lose their softness and absorbency. Does the towel feel rough or uncomfortable on your skin? Have you noticed that it’s taking longer to get dry? When you wash and dry your towels, they lose fibers. Once they lose enough fibers, they aren’t going to be as soft and absorbent as they were when you first purchased them.


2.     Your towels have an odor. Eww, what’s that smell? Over time towels can develop a musty odor that can’t be erased by washing. If your towel smells like anything other than fresh laundry and soap when it’s clean, it’s time to toss it.

This leads us to another question: How often should I wash my towels?

Most people don’t wash their towels enough! You might have heard the old rule of thumb that said to wash bath towels every three days, but actually a better guideline is to wash your towel after every three uses. If you live somewhere hot and humid, you need to wash them even more often to stop bacteria from growing. Yuck! As for hand towels, they need to be washed daily. We suggest having two or three sets that you rotate in order to keep the same towel from being overused. You may not realize it, but bath towels have to work hard to help keep you fresh, clean, and dry!

We depend on our trusty towel to keep us clean, dry us off, enhance the style of our bathroom, and, occasionally, wipe up after Fluffy tracks mud into the house. It’s no wonder they don’t have the longest lifespan, and need to retire after a few years of their rough-and-tough lifestyle.

Fortunately, choosing new towels to replace your old ones is easy. Grund’s organic cotton towels, if cared for properly, can last a quite a long time.