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10.03.17 Comments Posted By Grund America

Fall Decorating Tips!

Fall is here! With cooler temperatures comes beautiful fall colors and nature changing right before our eyes. Fall is also the best time of year to add little touches of autumn inside your home. You can start transitioning into the season by updating your bathroom with a rich and warm autumn-themed look!

Fall Decorating Tips!

When it comes to seasonal updates, often times bathrooms are the most overlooked sections of the house. But it doesn’t take much to transform your restroom into a homey and inviting area. Take a look at our top three fall decorating tips to help spruce up your bathroom and give it a dramatic fall appeal!

  1. Add a Few Bathroom Accessories
    There are several small ways to enhance your bathroom for the fall season. Try accentuating the room with some artwork (maybe of leaves or pumpkins), a few glass pumpkins or even an iron lantern. For an inexpensive display item, fill up  mason jars or vases with candy corn, dried beans or potpourri. For some inexpensive bathroom décor try Big Lots for an array of options! They always have great seasonal items on sale. 
  2. Bring in the Scents of Fall
    Fall décor can also involve other senses, like smell! Cinnamon apple, toasted marshmallows, pumpkin pie and other scents can bring the feel of autumn right into your home. Add an additional touch of fall fragrance with various hand soaps, lotions and even candles. They are all an inexpensive way to add the smells of the season into your room. Consider Bath & Body Works Fall Collection line. They offer a variety of fragrances that will surely assist with your fall decorating plans! 
  3. Add a Nice Touch with Linens
    Autumn is great time to swap out your spring and summer colors for warmer tones. A quick swap of your towels and rugs is an easy way to display seasonal colors. Charleston CollectionGrund America’s reversible Charleston bathroom rugs have color options that go great with a Fall theme. Plus, a portion of the Charleston Rug sales are donated back to GoodWeave International, a company that is on a mission to end child labor. Then pair your new rug with a Grund America bath towel, and your set will be complete and all with 100% organic cotton. Don’t forget to add a shower curtain for an additional touch!

Transforming your bathroom for various seasons can be an enjoyable way to bring fresh, new ideas into your home. You don’t need to be an interior decorator to come up with a quick and clever plan for your fall-themed rooms. Now that you have some decorating tips for your bathroom you can now put a plan together and get started! Do you have an idea worth sharing? We’d love to hear decorating tips and tricks from our community of followers!


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