Spring represents new, fresh beginnings. New seasons are great opportunities for change. One of our favorite ways to honor the beginning of spring is by redecorating. We think the best place to start is the bathroom because it's one room where just a few simple adjustments can totally refresh and reinvigorate the design. To celebrate the new season, we're letting you in on a few of our favorite tips and tricks for taking your bathroom from "Blah" to "Wow!"

  1. Start with spring cleaning.
    If you're unsure where to begin, get things going with a good scrub down. A squeaky clean bathroom is the best canvas for creative redecorating. Check out our DIY Guide to Spring Cleaning Essentials to learn how you can make green cleaners using ingredients you probably already have in your house. They're easy to make, plus they're Sage Towelssafer and gentler than store-bought cleaners.

  2. Accent your style with fresh towels in a new color.
    Beautiful towels are an essential element of a stylish bathroom. When you buy new towels, it can make your bathroom feel like a totally new room, especially if they're a different color from the ones you had before. This year we're fawning over stark, brilliant white towels. They make any bathroom look instantly more chic and modern. Grund's organic cotton towels are fluffy and luxurious, perfect for elevating the style of your bathroom.

  3. Add a pop of color.
    Even if you tend to favor neutrals, we recommend working one or two bursts of bright color into your bathroom décor. We think it's absolutely gorgeous to feature a fire-engine red toothbrush holder in an otherwise black and white bathroom, or a teal soap dish in a bathroom of browns and creams.

  4. Feature fresh flowers.
    What says springtime more than a vase filled with fresh flowers? Lately, we've been loving bundles of backyard daffodils most of all, but you can get creative with your colors and varieties of flowers. This is a great way to work in your pop of color, and it smells good to boot! Make sure to keep an eye on the water level in the vase. Sometimes big bouquets will drink all the water within a day or two and it's important to refill it to keep your flowers fresher for the longest time possible.
  5. Keep it smelling sweet.
    Even if your bathroom is visually flawless, a stinky smell can really subtract from its elegance. Invest in new air freshener, potpourri, or candles this spring to make your bathroom smell nice. You might also consider an essential oil diffuser. Our favorite essential oils to combine in the spring are rosemary, jasmine, and lavender. We think it smells like a garden after a rain storm! If you prefer fruity smells, go for a lemon and grapefruit blend to channel the vibrancy of the season.

Follow these tips, and before you know it, your bathroom will be a fresh springtime oasis. Do you have any tips for bathroom redecorating? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.