Earth DayEarth Day, is the day when people across the globe celebrate our beautiful planet and show their support for environmental protection. It's a great reminder of how fortunate we are to live on a planet so rich in natural resources, and of how important it is to protect those resources, for our own wellbeing and for that of the generations to come.

Here at Grund, we’re incredibly proud of our contributions to making the earth a better, cleaner, safer place. On Earth Day, and every day, we celebrate our products and how their production benefits the environment, reduces waste, and preserves natural resources.

Did you know that organic cotton is better for the environment than normal cotton? Through every step of organic cotton production, the wellbeing of Planet Earth is prioritized. Curious about how? We’d love to share with you! That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the six most impressive ways organic cotton is good for the environment.

  1. 1. Farmers must follow rigid guidelines in order for their cotton to be considered organic. These rules require that they avoid chemicals that damage the environment like toxic, synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.
  2. 2. Organic cotton is not genetically modified (non-GMO). This encourages hybrid variation in the cotton seed, which is beneficial for future crop-growing.
  3. 3. In the field, organic cotton uses 71% less water and 62% less energy than conventional cotton production. Those are some impressive stats!
  4. 4. Two thirds of organic cotton crop is used for food and cattle feed. This means less material is wasted along the way.
  5. 5. Soil that is used to grow organic produce begins to be able to retain more water over time. This means that organic farming helps restore the very soil of the earth to its ideal state!
  6. 6. Around 20% of industrial water pollution comes from the treatment and dying of textiles. However, products like ours that reach the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) cut back significantly if not completely on this pollution. GOTS prohibits heavy metals, formaldehydes, and aromatic solvents during the processing of textiles like organic cotton.

Pretty, cool isn’t it? Organic cotton truly is the perfect accessory for celebrating Earth Day this year. Not only does it make you feel good about the environment, it also makes you feel good about yourself! Organic textiles are chemical-free so you don’t have to worry about added toxins in your house or on your skin. Your skin is the largest organ of your body! It only makes sense to keep it free of harmful chemicals.

Here at Grund, we are so proud of the way the organic cotton used in our products helps the environment. We are passionate about leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible. It means the world to us (pun intended) to be a part of the environmental change for the better.

Today and every day, we pay homage to our planet. We hope you will too! Happy Earth Day!