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Pure organic CottonOur Approach

Grund America strives to be part of the change and part of the solution in improving the lives of others. More than that, we hope to lead by example, inspiring others to live clean and to know even the simplest acts can change the world. At Grund, we extend our reach and impact by tending to our roots and global branches. It is through our dedication to quality products, our respect for the environment and our family-values that we are able to continually improve and expand our efforts. At the beginning, when creating bathroom rugs was such a simple seed of an idea, no one realized how it would take root and let Grund’s branches spread across the world, hopefully, passing on the idea of natural living on to others.


Our ApproachOur Standards

The Grund family and company mission centers on spreading the joy and excitement of their products to people around the world. Not only by how beautiful they look, but also by the fact that they are vertically made by a compassionate and loving company. We believe that it is our responsibility to share the success that we have, by working hard together with our employees and community. We are thrilled to be in partnership with you!


Grund FamilyOur Story

The Grund Story began in 1990, just after the fall of communism. Mr. and Mrs. Grund wondered how to change their lives for the better given their newly acquired freedom. Like many entrepreneurs, the Grunds had their hearts set on starting their own business and being their own boss. This dream started to come true, when one day Mrs. Grund read a magazine article stating that the market in Czechoslovakia at that time desperately lacked bathroom rugs.